112,540 Sellers Joined the Amazon Marketplace in a Month

We estimate that 112,540 new sellers joined the Amazon Marketplace in a month. 46,000 alone joined the Amazon.com marketplace.

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Amazon has been quoted saying that there are “over 2 million sellers” on the Amazon Marketplace. Even though this statement has been repeated for many years now obviously the marketplace has continued to grow.

A lot of these new sellers will end up never selling a single product, nonetheless it does show the sheer amount of businesses and retailers exploring the possibility of selling on Amazon. When we analyze the fastest growing marketplace sellers every month the list consists of mostly new companies.

MarketplaceNew Sellers% Growth
Amazon Mexico2,20015.7%
Amazon Italy8,40011.9%
Amazon Germany13,00010.3%
Amazon Spain7,30011.2%
Amazon Canada6,30010%
Amazon India7,4009.8%
Amazon France7,1009.5%
Amazon Japan4,5006.0%
Amazon USA46,0005.9%
Amazon UK10,0005.7%
Amazon China2003.3%

Amazon USA marketplace grows at a steady pace of 6% a month. Given the size of this marketplace - larger than all other countries combined - it’s impressive that it is able to have a comparable growth rate. Despite the growth in total marketplace sellers it continues to have roughly 185,000 active sellers.

The three oldest marketplaces - USA, UK and Japan - are all growing at a similar pace. However the other European marketplaces are growing at double the pace of the UK, led with Germany at 10.3% growth.

Amazon Mexico is the fastest growing marketplace. This didn’t surprise us given that so many Amazon USA sellers can offer their products there quite easily. On the opposite end Amazon China continues to struggle.

For sellers this means that the competition will continue to get tougher, and will force them to look for more creative ways to compete with other sellers.

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