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Etsy's First Year with Josh

One year ago Etsy appointed Josh Silverman as new CEO. At the time the company reported lowest ever Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) growth. The company has crafted a turnaround since.

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The Amazon Rent

Instead of paying rent to a landlord or letting a third-party retailer mark up the price brands have to pay Amazon to be on the marketplace. Paying Amazon is the new rent.

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Death of Supply-Driven Retail

The growth of the internet and Amazon is fundamentally changing retail. The mechanics of retail of the past are no longer the monopoly - consumers have flocked online because it showed a different way of shopping. That way is making brands listen, and retailers compete with each other.

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It Cost Amazon $150 Billion

On Thursday Amazon reported their latest earnings sending the stock to all-time highs after beating analyst estimates for both revenue and profit. But what looks like unstoppable dominance today is instead a decade of investing and execution.

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Adidas is Winning on eBay

Without much fanfare Adidas appears to have become the most successful direct-to-consumer brand on eBay. The adidas_official seller joined eBay in September 2016, and have since grown to be one of the Top 50 eBay sellers.

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Brand Apocalypse

"Winning" brands understand the consumer best and develop the right mix of a logo, pricing, packaging, advertising, promotions, etc. Well, the consumer changed and caused retailers to struggle. The winning mix for brands will have to evolve too.

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