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eBay News

eBay From Listings to Products to Brands

eBay 2017 Q3 financial results were released last night. eBay marketplaces delivered $20.5 billion of GMV, up 8.5%, the fastest it's been in over three years. But the financial results are not as interesting as the long-term changes eBay is making to stay relevant.

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Walmart News

15,000 Sellers Now on the Walmart Marketplace

Last week Walmart passed the milestone of 15,000 Walmart marketplace sellers. On average a seller has 2,550 products listed for sale. And yet it is hard to know what any of these mean in terms of the potential of the marketplace since none of these figures are performance related.

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E-Commerce News

The Future of Marketplaces

Marketplace Pulse founder Juozas "Joe" Kaziukėnas presented a keynote at Retail Global Las Vegas 2017 conference on September 12th. Joe's keynote, titled "The Future of Marketplaces", looked at what makes a successful marketplace, and how the marketplace model built by Amazon 17 years ago - despite them leading the market - might not be the only way to do it.

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