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Et tu, Amazon Buy Box?

The Buy Box is as old as the Amazon marketplace and is built on a core principle which has survived for decades - many sellers can source the same product. But today the Buy Box sounds increasingly less relevant.

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It’s Not Enough to Make a Product

It's not enough to make a product. There are more products and brands being launched every day than the number of customers grows on Amazon. Hence advertising on Amazon is no longer an option, but a requirement.

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Amazon Brand Agency Industry

The struggles of brands on Amazon, and many more standing by the sidelines trying to decide what to do, has over the past few years created a new industry - Amazon brand agencies.

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World Cup 2018 on Amazon

Inspired by the World Cup we looked at the shopping patterns on Amazon to see which teams and star players are most supported. The most popular is the Mexico national team jersey. Followed by Argentina, then Germany, Brazil, and finally Portugal.

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Where AmazonBasics is Winning

AmazonBasics private label brand is getting better at both launching successful products and expanding to more categories. One of the AmazonBasics products is in the Top 100 in 170 categories, up from 150 four months ago. 725 different AmazonBasics products are in the Top 100 in any category, up from 550.

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When Will the Amazon Retail Stop

Amazon's retail group is being merged with the marketplace. Algorithms are replacing vendor managers. These changes are foreshadowing the inevitable disappearance of the retail business, also known as first-party, inside of Amazon.

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