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Journalists all over the globe rely on our insights and data for their stories. Here are some of the most recent articles Marketplace Pulse was featured in.

Amazon's Creating a Secret Pipeline of Private-Label Brands

Despite all of the media coverage of its private-label endeavors, it hasn't had a lot of success beyond its AmazonBasics and Amazon Essentials brands; a lot of its private labels haven't made a lot of sales. Of the 100 private-label brands Amazon launched in 2018, none are category leaders, according to Marketplace Pulse.

The Motley Fool
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Amazon’s best Prime Day deal was probably an accident

According to a report by the research firm Marketplace Pulse, this year’s Prime Day discounted 1.3 million products with average discounts of 25 to 30 percent. Compared with previous years, there was much more emphasis on exclusive deals on Amazon and products — particularly consumer electronics — sold by Amazon rather than third-party sellers.

Marketplace Pulse’s founder Juozas Kaziukėnas said the story of the camera equipment so captivated the public because people hope that they, too, will be able to find such an inconceivable discount. There’s an additional allure, too — that of the general public taking on a tech behemoth and winning.

“When the mistake is on Amazon, there’s definitely a sense of ‘[the buyer] deserves this; they’re such a big company,’” Kaziukėnas said.

The Washington Post
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eBay accelerates payments push

Juozas Kaziukėnas, founder of the retail data analytics company Marketplace Pulse, said Managed Payments will benet sellers, but there will likely be some pushback at rst. While some sellers might complain about switching from PayPal’s system, they’ll end up appreciating the increased conversion rates, he noted. “Etsy went through a similar transition,” he said. “There’s going to be an uproar like there was on Etsy, but I’m sure most Etsy merchants don’t even remember it anymore.”

Bank Innovation
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Comment la place de marché est devenue l'un des moteurs d'Amazon

« Historiquement, Amazon a développé une place de marché pour accroître les références vendues sur son site, explique le fondateur de la base de données Marketplace Pulse, Juozas Kaziukenas. Il devenait physiquement impossible de parler à tous les vendeurs, donc Amazon a décidé d'ouvrir directement son site ». Mais c'est à partir de 2006 que la place de marché a décollé. Cette année-là, Amazon a proposé aux vendeurs de stocker leurs produits dans ses entrepôts et d'en assurer la logistique. « L'année précédente, Amazon avait lancé le service Prime de livraison en deux jours et pour proposer une vaste sélection de produits, il fallait pouvoir assurer les délais, poursuit Juozas Kaziukenas. Cela était quasiment impossible à faire pour les petits vendeurs ».

Les Echos
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Lawmakers slam Amazon for how it treats competing merchants

But it has not, so far, taken the retail sector by storm. In fact, Amazon’s house brands, like AmazonBasics, account for just a tiny portion of its sales, according to a study by Marketplace Pulse. (The fear, of course, is that Amazon is simply playing a long game to eventual dominance.)

Fast Company
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On Prime Day, Amazon is prioritizing exclusive products and first-party vendors

“Over the past year, Amazon’s strategy has shifted from making and owning brands themselves to building exclusive relationships with brands,” said Juozas Kaziukenas, the founder and CEO of Marketplace Pulse in a recent interview. “As Amazon continues to expand this effort, they’re not looking to be seen as a company who continuously launches product and competes with brands on its own platform. It creates an environment where brands who want to work with Amazon get advantages on the platform.”

Modern Retail
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The World Cup Was a Prime Target for Amazon Counterfeiters

“Nike has already reported great sales after the US team victory. However, dozens more companies are riding the wave by creating their own versions of the official merchandise,” says Juozas Kaziukėnas, founder of the ecommerce intelligence firm Marketplace Pulse, who first alerted WIRED to the knockoff jersey listings.

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