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Amazon has been selling in Italy since 2010, when they launched Since 2011 Amazon Prime program was offered to Italian customers. In Italy Amazon is the largest ecommerce website, eBay Italy is in second place.

43,519 new sellers this year

So far this year 43,519 sellers joined the marketplace. This equals to 250 new sellers every day. During the last month alone 8,510 new sellers joined. This is more than on other months this year.

137,617 sellers have products listed for sale

There are 137,617 sellers with products listed for sale. Although not all of them will have sales, as many are not price competitive. That's why only 33,726 sellers received a feedback review in a month. However during past 12 months 83,801 sellers received at least one feedback review. These three figures combined illustrate the size of the active sellers pool of the marketplace.

57% of sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is used by 57% of the top sellers. Thanks to FBA many of the sellers on marketplace are not based in Italy, as it enables international sellers to offer the same two-day shipping guarantee.

On average 24 products listed by sellers using FBA

On average a seller has 112 products listed for sale. Those who use FBA have 24 products listed on average, less than those who don't use FBA at 74 products listed. This is because listing FBA products requires physically sending items to Amazon. This is further explored in the products listed by Amazon sellers report.

Most sellers sell in Elettronica category

26% of the top sellers have their main category as Elettronica. Other popular categories are Casa e cucina, Sport e tempo libero, and Bellezza. Top Categories has the full list of top categories.

292,855 feedback reviews in a month

All sellers received a total of 292,855 feedback reviews in a month. Top sellers accounted for 83% of that. During the last 12 months on average 382,487 feedback reviews were received monthly, thus the current number is below the average, indicating that this is the slower period of the year. European marketplace

European marketplaces (UK, Germany, France, Italy, and Spain) use unified seller accounts allowing to use the same seller account for selling in all marketplaces. While not all European sellers utilize this when selling internationally, most do. Amazon Europe sellers report combines all European marketplaces to analyze the success of cross-border European sellers.

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