How many retailers are selling on Amazon marketplaces marketplace has been around for many years, and millions of retailers have tried selling on it. As Amazon launched international websites, they have also been adding marketplaces there as well. Since we are tracking all 11 marketplaces, we have unique visibility into each of their performance. Thus we decided to look at the amount of active marketplace sellers - sellers who we estimate to have sold at least one product in a month.

CountryActive Sellers
Amazon USA185,000
Amazon UK49,000
Amazon Germany40,000
Amazon Japan35,000
Amazon France22,000
Amazon Italy18,000
Amazon Canada14,000
Amazon India13,000
Amazon Spain12,000
Amazon China2,000
Amazon Mexico500

No surprise that Amazon USA is leading the list - Amazon’s financial earnings report that generates more revenue than all international marketplaces combined. However there are just as many international sellers combined as there are sellers on Amazon USA.

UK, Germany and Japan follow. Amazon is the largest ecommerce site both in UK and in Germany, but it isn’t in Japan while Japanese ecommerce market is third largest after China and USA. So we expect Amazon Japan to continue to grow and soon become one of the strongest markets for Amazon.

Other European marketplaces - France, Italy an Spain - are growing as well. There are a lot of initiatives Amazon is implementing in Europe with regards to how fulfillment works, and is giving sellers access selling beyond their home country. This means all European marketplaces combined are going to be a strong singular marketplace.

In 2007 Amazon renamed they have acquired to, which in 2011 got further renamed from 卓越亚马逊 (Joyo Amazon) to 亚马逊中国 (Amazon China), and is what we know as Amazon China today. It’s one of the smallest marketplaces and fairs interestingly in comparison to Amazon India - which got launched in 2013, many years later than Amazon China, and is already much more active. Lately Amazon has been investing a lot of resources and effort into the Indian market - they are on pace to become the largest marketplace in India very soon, they just became second largest.

Amazon Mexico is the newest addition to Amazon marketplaces, launched just a year ago in June 2015. It has remained to be the smallest marketplace, but it continues to expand. With Amazon urging sellers from Amazon USA to offer their products there as well we can see some accelerated growth over the next years.

Amazon surprised a lot of analysis by dropping this statistic - there are over 70,000 sellers with sales of more than $100,000 selling on Amazon. Well, you can now see how many more sellers are actively seeing on Amazon. You should be able to see that getting to the top 70,000 sellers is an achievable goal and thus the first milestone of $100,000 sales is not miles away.

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