How big is Walmart Marketplace? 500 sellers and growing

Walmart launched the Walmart Marketplace in 2009. Since then Walmart has been hard at work perfecting the marketplace and adding key executives to grow it.

When launched and until as recent as a few months ago, to sell on Walmart a retailer must have had received an invite which were pretty rare. Walmart still requires to have an invite, however they have a page to apply for one now and we expect the process to be somewhat easy.

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Recently Seth Beal, senior vice president of global marketplace, said:

“We started with a few sellers because we wanted to do it right. Customers were telling us they wanted more products online, and now we’re ready to partner with many more sellers.”

Walmart launched with eBags Inc., Wayfair LLC, Tool King LLC, Plumstruck (part of Hayneedle Inc.), Inc. and ProTeam (part of Fanatics Inc.) being the only marketplace sellers. However recently the list has been growing.

Currently Walmart has over 500 marketplace sellers, with 200 of them actively selling products (others have joined recently and are yet to have a sale, or have since stopped selling).

We noticed some familiar companies - Pharmapacks who are the largest health and beauty seller on Amazon are on Walmart as well and so far this month seem to have had the most sales of all sellers.

etailz and eBags are two other big Amazon sellers we noticed. They must be experimenting with the Walmart marketplace, just like Avalanche Brands who have setup, but are yet to have any sales.

Here is the list of all Walmart Marketplace sellers. We are working hard to provide richer information about every seller soon, but you can already see how many products they sell, in which categories they sell and what is the average product price. Furthermore, you can inspect the top sellers by feedback ratings received in the last month, three months, twelve months or lifetime.

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