Pharmapacks, largest health and beauty seller on Amazon, on plans to do $300 million next year

We have featured Pharmapacks in many of our fastest growing amazon sellers reports. They are projecting to do between $140 and 160 million in revenue this year, and if all goes well do as much as $300 million in 2017. Keep in mind that they did $32 million in 2014, just two years ago. Only a few sellers ever have achieved such growth.

Last year we covered Pharmapacks achieving $70 million in sales in 2015, yet they continued to grow beyond that.

Pharmapacks is one of the rare top sellers which do not use Fulfilled by Amazon to offload the logistics of shipping products to Amazon. Instead, they fulfill all of their orders themselves. However that can be explained by their diverse selling channels - not only is Pharmapacks one of the biggest sellers on Amazon marketplace, but they also sell on eBay, Walmart, Jet, Overstock and their own website.

Based in Bronx, NY, they stock nutrition, home medical, health and beauty, hair care, makeup and nails, baby and children, and household products. At any given day they offer close to 100,000 different products.

Recently Spotlight on Business Magazine interviewed Andrew Vagenas, CEO and Co-founder of Pharmapacks. They discuss how Pharmapacks perceives competition, what technology they’ve built and what plans they have for the future.

As Vagenas puts it:

“Many companies out there will try to compete against Amazon and compete against these other web retailers and our goal was to work with them.”

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