Rapid Expansion of the Amazon Marketplace in India

In May we looked at the amount of active marketplace sellers on each Amazon site. We found that Amazon.com was leading with more sellers than almost all other marketplaces combined.

This time we wanted to investigate how much are Amazon marketplaces growing. Just like the last time, we are comparing active sellers - sellers who we estimate to have sold at least one product in a month.

CountryActive SellersActive Sellers in MayGrowth
Amazon USA195,000185,0005%
Amazon UK56,00049,00014%
Amazon Germany47,00040,00017.5%
Amazon Japan39,00035,00012%
Amazon France25,00022,00013%
Amazon Italy21,00018,00016%
Amazon India16,00013,00023%
Amazon Canada15,00014,0007%
Amazon Spain14,00012,00016%
Amazon China2,0002,0000%
Amazon Mexico5005000%

Amazon India is the one to pay attention. While the European and Japan marketplaces continue to be bigger, Amazon India is growing faster than all of them. For a marketplace launched just a few years ago this is an impressive achievement and shows what most analysts believe to be the future - India will become the 2nd largest market for Amazon.

At the annual gala of U.S. India Business Council (USIBC) Jeff Bezos said “Amazon will invest $3 billion more in India. This is in addition to the $2 billion announced in 2014”. This is clearly showing the enormous potential Amazon sees in the India market. Flipkart and Snapdeal, Amazon’s main rivals in India, haven’t stopped innovating too, but amazon.in is already the most visited ecommerce website in India.

Amazon China on the other hand is completely stale. It is seeing no growth and has very little activity of new sellers joining the platform. There is more activity in Amazon Mexico, but it is too small to compare its growth to other marketplaces.

Recently we have highlghted that more than 100,000 sellers join Amazon marketplaces every month, however a lot of those sellers never go as far as to even list a product. That’s why Amazon USA marketplace is growing the slowest - thousands of sellers join every day, but only a few end up selling for a while.

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