Over 1,000 New Sellers Join Amazon.com Every Day

Amazon USA marketplace added 54,000 new sellers in a month, which is more than one new seller every minute. By the time you have finished reading this article, a few dozen new sellers would have joined.

120,000 new sellers joined all Amazon marketplaces in a month. Since we looked at this back in July, the growth rate has accelerated and Amazon USA has remained growing at a steady pace. While international marketplaces fluctuate in growth, steady growth of Amazon USA is the most important metric.

Many of these new sellers will never end up listing a single product. Nonetheless it is important for sellers to be aware of the fact that marketplaces are not of fixed size - they are constantly evolving and growing. As they grow and as more sellers are able to offer the same products, the importance of having exclusive relationships with manufacturers, building private label products, or having other means to control competition is key. Every seller should be paying attention to how many sellers are competing with them selling the same brands of products.

MarketplaceNew Sellers% Growth
Amazon Canada8,4008.7%
Amazon Italy8,5007.4%
Amazon Spain7,5007.3%
Amazon Mexico1,8007.2%
Amazon India8,4007.2%
Amazon France7,6006.7%
Amazon Germany9,5005.5%
Amazon USA54,0005.3%%
Amazon UK9,0004.0%
Amazon Japan3,8003.9%
Amazon China1002.0%

A portion of these sellers is part of fraudulent sellers flock, where new sellers are being used to defraud Amazon before negative reviews have time to come in. Given the thousands of sellers are joining Amazon daily, existing techniques to control the quality have been struggling lately. As the rate of new sellers continues to increase we can foresee stricter and more involving registration process to be implemented to make it harder to negatively affect the marketplace.

In October Amazon restricted new sellers by disallowing making new shipments to FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) warehouses until after December 19, past the Christmas rush. This was Amazon trying to reduce the amount of sellers sending in products without having had a proven track record of quality. While implemented last minute we expect more changes like this - controlling the marketplace at crucial times with strict requirements to avoid the thousands of new sellers potentially affecting it.

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