Amazon Marketplaces Are Growing as Sellers Expand Internationally

1,000 new sellers join Amazon marketplaces daily, however few of them become long-term sellers. That’s why it is important to look at how many active sellers there is at any given point. We define active seller as a seller who has received at least 1 feedback reviews in a month.

We looked at this data in May, so this time we can compare to see how much have all marketplaces grown since. Since then we have also improved our technology to make sure no seller is absent from our data.

CountryActive Sellers in MayActive Sellers in DecemberGrowth
Amazon USA185,000201,0009%
Amazon UK49,00063,00029%
Amazon Germany40,00055,00038%
Amazon Japan35,00041,00017%
Amazon France22,00030,00036%
Amazon Italy18,00027,00050%
Amazon Canada14,00021,00050%
Amazon India13,00015,00015%
Amazon Spain12,00020,00067%
Amazon China2,0002,0000%
Amazon Mexico50070040%

Amazon USA is the largest marketplace and has finally crossed 200,000 active sellers milestone. On the opposite side of the spectrum Amazon China continues to stagnate.

We were surprised to see Amazon Spain and Amazon Italy have so much growth. However when we thought about it more we think this can be explained by Europe-local Amazon programs which allow sellers to sell on all marketplaces easily. That’s why Amazon Canada has taken off so much too - many US based sellers are now offering products in Canada without actually being present there.

The fast international growth of marketplaces means two things.

First, Amazon is becoming a strong business and a brand internationally just as much as it is in the US. This is exciting for many retailers in those countries who can benefit from Amazon growth to scale their own businesses.

Second, Amazon marketplaces is an ever-increasing global marketplace. Many US sellers now sell on Canada, a growing amount of them sell in the European marketplaces, and even as far as Japan. This is a very important shift in the retail business, provided by more efficient global shipping and Amazon fulfillment handling operations in foreign countries for sellers based elsewhere.

For UK based sellers this means that many of the new sellers are coming from the US, so the competition is no longer bound by the country limits. Thanks to Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program US retailers are quickly realizing the massive opportunities of selling internationally. There are of course some headaches still in place, like having to deal with currency conversion, but international expansion is on the TODO list for many sellers.

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