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India Is the Most Important E-Commerce Battleground to Watch

India will eventually become the second largest e-commerce market in the world, overtaking US in the next 10 or so years. There are four players in the Indian market: Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, and Paytm. However the market is shifting towards only three: Flipkart-Snapdeal, Amazon, and Alibaba-Paytm. Recent Alibaba investments into Paytm took its stake to over 50%. And Flipkart-Snapdeal merger seems to be just a matter of time.

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Black Friday Visitors to Brick & Mortar Stores down 3.5%, but 22% Growth Online

Earlier this month Foursquare estimated that foot traffic to stores will be down by 3.5% during the Black Friday sales day. Now that the Black Friday has passed we are seeing reports that this prediction was largely true. Online though, Black Friday set an estimated new record with $3.34 billion in sales, up by 22% from last year. Mobile accounted for $1.2 billion, a 33% increase from the year before.

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US Ecommerce Grows To 8.4% Of Total Retail Sales

The US ecommerce market continues to grow, largely driven by leading marketplaces like Amazon, eBay and Walmart. According to the Q3 2016 report from the US Department of Commerce, online orders accounted for 8.4% of total retail sales, up from 7.4% a year ago. Ecommerce sales grew by 15.7% compared to Q3 2015, reaching over $101 billion. Ecommerce sales have been growing by 15% for over a year. A big part of this is Amazon which reported 26% growth the same quarter.

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Marketplace Pulse Celebrates First Birthday

Launched in August 2015 as a basic list of top Amazon sellers we were able to expand it to be the leading provider of ecommerce analytics and insights. To celebrate this we have redesigned the website to make it better and easier to use.

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