eBay Sellers' Location By Country

Among top sellers most are based in United States, representing 29% of top sellers. Other common locations include United Kingdom at 24%, China at 17%, and Germany at 16%.

This breakdown showcases eBay’s economic impact across the world. United States, and United Kingdom alone account for over half of sellers.

US sellers are mostly located in California, Florida, and New York. These three biggest states make up 31% of all sellers. Top eBay States has the full list of states.

Big part of international sellers are those based in China. 19% of the top sellers are based in China or Hong Kong.

Country Percent of Top Sellers
United States 29%
United Kingdom 24%
China 17%
Germany 16%
Australia 3%
Hong Kong 2%
Italy 2%
France 2%
Canada 1%
Spain 0%
Japan 0%
India 0%
Poland 0%
Israel 0%
Netherlands 0%
Austria 0%
Thailand 0%
Korea, South 0%
Singapore 0%
Vietnam 0%

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