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The Changing Amazon Seller

The Amazon seller has changed a lot since 2000. The changes are in what kind of products and the relationship with the brands they sell, how they handle fulfillment, and most recently where in the world they are located.

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The Best Product for Who?

Not unlike Netflix, Amazon is about matching the unique demand with the best choice. Netflix can service different audiences simultaneously and separately. Amazon search is starting to look like that too.

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The Four Times Cheaper Mattress

"Hey, the same mattress is on Amazon for 1/4th the price, with free two-day Prime shipping, and thousands of reviews." How many customers would still buy a Casper mattress?

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Lessons from Private Label Pulse 2018

Private Label Pulse was our first-ever event. The event hosted four talks on the future of private label, advertising, international expansion, inventory performance & health, and - of course - Amazon.

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Frustrating Walmart Marketplace

The Walmart marketplace is frustrating because it is two different experiences sharing one website. CNBC broke the news that Walmart is working on fixing this. Walmart is finally addressing the flaw which existed since the marketplace inception in 2009.

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The Amazon Marketplace Sellers Funnel

Most often Amazon marketplace is described as "there are currently more than 2 million sellers on Amazon worldwide." The 2 million figure has become common speech. But it is wrong.

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What if Amazon Is Wrong

Amazon wants to replace trust in brands with algorithms. Instead of consumers picking the brands they trust, Amazon wants them to pick products recommended by the algorithm. But what if Amazon is wrong?

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Offer Prime or Go Home

As more Amazon shoppers convert to Prime members, successful sellers have to do what those shoppers expect. Thus more sellers use Fulfillment by Amazon every year - today 69% of the top sellers on Amazon use FBA.

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Three Years of Marketplace Pulse

As we celebrate our third birthday we are taking a look back at all of the things we have built since. The market of e-commerce and the surrounding ecosystem Amazon has created is fascinating, we are glad to be in the midst of it all, working on picking it apart.

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