Walmart Statistics

Walmart is the second largest online retailer in the US, after Amazon, with yearly online sales in the range of $13-$15 billion.

Since 2009 Walmart also has the Walmart Marketplace which allows other sellers to sell on Total Visits Total Visits

Total website visits to, an e-commerce website acquired by Walmart in August 2016.

Walmart Total Retail Sales

Total Retail Sales

Includes US Retail Sales, International Retail Sales, Sam's Club Sales, and other income.

Walmart US Retail Sales

US Retail Sales

Sales in Walmart brick-and-mortar stores and e-commerce in the US.

Walmart US E-Commerce Sales Growth

US E-Commerce Sales Growth

Previously Walmart used to report Global E-Commerce Sales Growth.

Walmart US E-Commerce Impact

US E-Commerce Impact

Walmart US E-commerce impact to net sales.

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