Etsy Statistics

Etsy is a marketplace launched in 2005 focused on handmade or vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. It currently has over 45 million products.

Etsy went public on April 16, 2015, most of these metrics are from their quarterly earnings reports since, as well as their previously shared numbers on the company blog.

Etsy Services Revenue

Services Revenue

Services revenue, formerly called Seller Services revenue, is derived from the optional services Etsy provides to sellers, which include Promoted...

Etsy Marketplace Revenue

Marketplace Revenue

Marketplace revenue represents the fees Etsy charges sellers to list items in the marketplace, the fees the company charges for transactions...

Etsy Product Development Expenses

Product Development Expenses

Product development is used to both innovate on Etsy's main website, but also on developing new initiatives.

Etsy Marketing Expenses

Marketing Expenses

Marketing is used to attract both new sellers and new buyers. It is important to compare marketing expenses growth with revenue growth, since if...

Etsy Net Income

Net Income

2015 Q1 saw a big increase in net loss which was explained as: Etsy's net loss increased as a result of non-cash, non-operating expenses related...

Etsy Revenue


Etsy revenue consisting of marketplace revenue and seller services revenue. There is also 'other' revenue, mostly from third-party payment...

Etsy Mobile Sales Percentage

Mobile Sales Percentage

Percent of sales originating from mobile devices like smartphones and tablets. It excludes orders initiated on mobile devices but ultimately...

Etsy International Sales Percentage

International Sales Percentage

Percent of sales where either the billing address for the Etsy seller or the shipping address for the Etsy buyer at the time of sale is outside of...

Etsy Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Gross merchandise sales, or GMS, is the dollar value of items sold in Etsy marketplace within the applicable period, excluding shipping fees and...

Etsy Number of Active Buyers

Number of Active Buyers

Number of Etsy customers who have made at least one purchase in 12 months. Growth in active buyers is a key indicator for growth in market reach...

Etsy Number of Active Sellers

Number of Active Sellers

Number of Etsy sellers who have sold at least one product in a year. Growth in active sellers is a key indicator for growth in gross merchandise...

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