eBay Statistics

eBay is an e-commerce company running customer-to-customer and business-to-customer marketplaces.

eBay runs websites in the US, UK, Germany, Italy, France, Australia, India, Canada, Spain, Ireland markets.

eBay Sellers Using Promoted Listings

Sellers Using Promoted Listings

Total number of sellers using Promoted Listings to promote their listings.

eBay Number of Promoted Listings

Number of Promoted Listings

Total number of listings promoted using Promoted Listings. Revenue growth 2018Q3 120%, 2018Q2 150%, 2018Q1 200%, and 2017Q4 50%.

eBay U.S. Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

U.S. Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Part of total Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV) which consits of marketplace GMV and StubHub GMV.

eBay Product Development Expenses

Product Development Expenses

Work expanding and improving eBay websites. Investments in areas of structured data, user experience, and innovation.

eBay Sales and Marketing Expenses

Sales and Marketing Expenses

Costs associated in acquiring new users.

eBay Marketing Services and Other Revenues

Marketing Services and Other Revenues

Revenue generated from marketing and other services eBay provides to marketplace sellers.

eBay Net Transaction Revenues

Net Transaction Revenues

Revenue generated from sales on eBay marketplaces.

eBay Percentage of Sales From Fixed Price Listings

Percentage of Sales From Fixed Price Listings

Percent of total gross merchandise volume from eBay's "Buy It Now" fixed price listings feature on eBay Marketplaces relative to total gross...

eBay Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Gross Merchandise Volume (GMV)

Total sales for all eBay marketplaces. eBay defines this as: Total value of all successfully closed transactions between users on our Marketplace...

eBay Active Users

Active Users

All users who bid on, bought, listed or sold an item within the previous 12-month period. Users may register more than once, and as a result, may...

eBay Revenue Percent From International

Revenue Percent From International

Percent of marketplace revenue from international.

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