Amazon Statistics

Amazon is the largest online retailer in the world. They run a marketplace on all of their websites allowing third-party sellers to sell products, totaling to 50% of total sales.

Amazon is live in the US, UK, Canada, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Japan, India, China, and Mexico.

Amazon Paid Units Growth

Paid Units Growth

Amazon defines "WW paid units -- Y/Y growth" as: Physical and digital units sold (net of returns and cancellations) by us and sellers in our...

Amazon Percent of Gross Merchandise Volume by Third-Party Sellers

Percent of Gross Merchandise Volume by Third-Party Sellers

The percentages represent the share of physical gross merchandise sales sold on Amazon by independent third- party sellers – mostly small- and...

Amazon Other Sales (Advertising)

Other Sales (Advertising)

Other sales is assumed to mostly consist of advertising (used by sellers and brands). It also includes other things like cobranded credit card...

Amazon Net Income

Net Income

As Amazon Net Sales continues to grow, net income remains flat as Amazon manages all income it receives to spend it on the future. Highly...

Amazon Retail Products Sales

Retail Products Sales

Amazon defines this as: Includes product sales and digital media content where we record revenue gross. We leverage our retail infrastructure to...

Amazon Subscription Services Sales

Subscription Services Sales

Amazon defines this as: Includes annual and monthly fees associated with Amazon Prime membership, as well as audiobook, e-book, digital video,...

Amazon Third-Party Seller Services Sales

Third-Party Seller Services Sales

Amazon defines this as: Includes commissions, related fulfillment and shipping fees, and other third-party seller services. 2014: $11.747 billion,...

Amazon Number of Sellers With Over $100,000 in Sales

Number of Sellers With Over $100,000 in Sales

Amazon recently started reporting the number of sellers worldwide with over $100,000 in sales a year as a metric to understand the health of the...

Amazon Cash Conversion Cycle

Cash Conversion Cycle

Cash conversion cycle measures the lag between when companies have to pay their suppliers and when they get paid by their customers. At department...

Amazon Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO)

Days Sales Outstanding (DSO) is a standard accounting metric, defined as a measure of the average number of days that a company takes to collect...

Amazon Net Sales

Net Sales

Total value of all sales. This includes Net Product Sales and service sales. North America sales, International sales, and AWS (Amazon Web...

Amazon Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO)

Days Inventory Outstanding (DIO)

Over time Amazon's metric has been increasing, suggesting a decrease in Amazon's ability to forecast supply and demand. High inventory velocity is...

Amazon Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

Days Payable Outstanding (DPO)

By increasing days payable Amazon is able to fund their growth using suppliers' balance. Key for Amazon is to have high inventory velocity,...

Amazon Number of Prime Members

Number of Prime Members

Estimated based on press releases and best-guesses. Amazon Prime was announced in 2005. Amazon Prime is a subscription service that gives...

Amazon Percentage of International Sales

Percentage of International Sales

Amazon International Sales compared to the sum of International Sales and North America Sales.

Amazon Net Product Sales

Net Product Sales

Value of products sold by Amazon in all markets. This doesn't include marketplace sales, which can be expected to be 1.5-2x of net sales value.

Amazon International Sales

International Sales

Amazon sales on international marketplaces, like Amazon Germany, Amazon UK, Amazon Japan and others.

Amazon North America Sales

North America Sales

Amazon sales on the marketplace.

Amazon Percent of Units by Marketplace Sellers

Percent of Units by Marketplace Sellers

Percent of worldwide units sold by marketplace sellers. As the marketplace share rises, the opportunities for sellers rises too - Amazon overall...

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