Walmart Marketplace Adds 1,000 Sellers in a Month

When we looked at the Walmart marketplace in June it had passed 1,000 sellers. Since then the marketplace growth has continued to gain momentum and today there are more than 2,000 sellers already.

Since 2009 when the marketplace launched until 2016 May only 500 sellers were approved to sell. Then in three months that number has grown to 1,000 sellers. And now in just a month it has doubled to 2,000. At this pace we expect Walmart to be adding at least 1,000 new sellers every month.

Walmart Marketplace

Over 400 of those sellers are active - selling at least one product a month. The amount of active sellers has increased at the same rate as new sellers were joining the platform. Only 200 sellers were active a month ago.

Sellers like Avalanche Brands who were on the marketplace for a while, but weren’t selling any products have since started doing so. There are more sellers like Avalanche Brands who are successful on Amazon or eBay and are experimenting with selling on Walmart.

We noticed that a lot of software solutions for multi-channel selling have added Walmart support recently so it has become easier for many sellers to join.

Best Choice Products, Pharmapacks and VMInnovations are currently the TOP 3 sellers on Walmart.

However as Walmart is trying to compete with Amazon in the US market, it has to be said that almost 50,000 sellers join the marketplace in a month. There is still a lot of work for Walmart to be done.

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Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas

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