Walmart Marketplace Grows Double in Size in Three Months

Even though the Walmart Marketplace launched in 2009 it has been slow to grow. When we reported on it in May it had only grown to 500 sellers. Walmart has been working on perfecting their processes and improving the software side of it which implied the limited growth of the marketplace.

Walmart Marketplace logo

Nonetheless since then it has been growing at a steady pace and just crossed 1,000 sellers today.

After working exclusively with ChannelAdvisor, Walmart has recently partnered with 4Psite, CommerceHub and Solid Commerce. With the help of those companies Walmart is trying to make it easier for merchants to integrate with the marketplace.

Walmart used to require an invitation to sell on the marketplace. This year they introduced an open registration form with most sellers getting approved fairly quickly. However a seller must have a proven track record, good reviews elsewhere and a solid selection of products to be approved.

Because of that we are noticing a lot of existing brands and retailers launching on Walmart. Both sellers from Amazon and eBay marketplaces, and also independent retail stores.

We are continuing to monitor the Walmart Marketplace as the ecommerce growth for Walmart has been too slow, despite continued efforts to growth the marketplace.

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