Analyzing 3,721,683 Sellers on Etsy Marketplace

We are very excited to include Etsy, the marketplace for hand-crafted and artisan goods. We have been monitoring Etsy for a couple of weeks and have a lot of interesting research planned for the upcoming months.

Out of the 3,721,683 sellers on Etsy we found 586,740 sellers with at least one review in a year. Etsy is an international marketplace so a lot of those sellers are based all over the globe.

BohemianFindings is selling over 900 products a day and leads as the top seller. But most of their products on offer cost less than $5.00, we’ll do a full analysis of revenue per seller to understand which sellers are able to generate the most.

Nonetheless Etsy consists of many small shops - 257,836 sellers sold some products in two weeks.

In 2013, Etsy let sellers use outside manufacturers. According to some critics that decision backfired - many sellers felt the decision was a betrayal of the site’s roots. Yet Etsy remains as the main marketplace for many sellers as Amazon Handmade launched in 2015 is yet to prove itself.

Some of the top sellers like LexieKyleeDesigns, LillieHenry, Willowfields and TheCoffeeMonsterzCO are selling hand-designed products, but those products could be easily mass-produced in a factory. As a buyer it’s not immediately obvious if a product on offer is hand-made or manufacturer from a design.

Despite all that Etsy recently reported Q2 2016 results with 22% year-over-year growth in merchandise sold on the website. That’s $670 million worth of goods.

Here are the TOP 10 sellers based on sales per day.

SellerLocationSales Per Day
BohemianFindingsSt. Peters Bay, Canada875
TheCoffeeMonsterzCOSurrey, Canada778
LillieHenryUnited States774
SweetKawaiiDesignOregon, United States387
LexieKyleeDesignsUnited States356
PrettygrafikdesignMontreal, Canada329
ScribblePrintsCoTexas, United States299
nicoledebruinStockport, United Kingdom292
ModPartyCalifornia, United States287
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