Amazon Tops Six Million Third-Party Sellers

There are over six million third-party sellers on the Amazon marketplace. More than half of them sell on Amazon in North America.

According to Marketplace Pulse research, there are nearly ten million seller accounts across Amazon’s nineteen global marketplaces. Many of those businesses sell on multiple marketplaces, especially in Europe; hence the count of unique sellers - six million - is significantly lower than the number of seller accounts.

Amazon is adding seven to eight hundred thousand new sellers every year when accounted for duplicate seller accounts. That number hasn’t accelerated, but then Amazon is still adding over two thousand new sellers daily.

Worldwide Number of Amazon Sellers

Amazon in North America, which includes the U.S., Canada, and Mexico, is the largest marketplace with over three million sellers. However, it has also been operating the longest and thus is growing the slowest. North American marketplace represents 51% of all sellers. Next year it will shrink to less than 50%.

Germany, U.K., France, Italy, Spain, Sweden, The Netherlands, and Poland make up the European marketplace. It represents 24% of all sellers. Most of the sellers in Europe sell in more than one country. That’s why recent launches in Poland and Sweden had tens of thousands of sellers on day one, but few from the local markets.

Among the major markets, India is the fastest-growing marketplace, despite not benefiting from Amazon’s other marketplaces. Compared to individual countries, it became Amazon’s second largest marketplace last year, and in a few years, it will overtake Europe.

MarketplaceNumber of Sellers% ShareGrowth in a Year
North America3,119,00051%281,000 (10%)
Europe1,443,00025%207,000 (17%)
India750,00011%168,000 (29%)
Japan573,00011%81,000 (16%)
Middle East72,0001%40,000 (125%)
Australia56,0001%13,000 (31%)
Brazil48,0001%18,000 (61%)
Turkey17,0000%6,000 (58%)
Singapore16,0000%11,000 (222%)
 6,090,000 829,000 (16%)

Most of these sellers are no longer active. Among the six million, the number of sellers that had enough activity on the platform to get at least one feedback review in a year is only a million. Furthermore, because of the marketplaces power law, the top sellers generate more sales than the rest.

The universe of sellers is ever-expanding. But it remains true that the number of businesses that have reached significant size - for example, over $1 million in sales - is a tiny slice of the overall pie.

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