Number of Sellers on Amazon Marketplace

Amazon marketplace has 6.4 million total sellers worldwide. There are 1.5 million active sellers, the rest no longer have products listed for sale. So far this year 528,000 sellers joined the Amazon marketplace.

There are 6.4 million total sellers across all Amazon marketplaces. This figure counts sellers that sell on multiple marketplaces once; for example, if a seller sells on Amazon in the UK, Germany, Italy, and France they get counted as one seller. The number of active sellers and the number of new sellers this year also counts unique sellers.

6.4 million

Total sellers

1.5 million

Active sellers


New sellers this year

So far this year 528,000 sellers joined the Amazon marketplace, adding to the millions of sellers already on it. This equals to 1,602 new sellers every day, or 66 every hour, or even 1 every minute. At the current rate 584,000 new sellers will have joined Amazon by the end of the year.

This report was updated on . All metrics mentioned are based on Marketplace Pulse data.

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