Introducing Marketplace Pulse 100

Marketplace Pulse 100 ranks the most important companies in the e-commerce marketplaces ecosystem. Tens of billions of gross merchandise volume (GMV) on various marketplaces are transacted, enabled, or managed by one of them. The rank considers the company’s size, capital raised, estimated user base, and industry influence.

While most of Marketplace Pulse research has previously focused on marketplaces themselves and the sellers and brands that sell through them, the ecosystem of vendors powering that is as important. From deciding what to sell using research tools, picking and managing multiple marketplaces, to fulfilling orders. And finally to funding the businesses.

A handful of the companies have been in business for over a decade; some just started. One or two have over a hundred thousand users, but some have clients paying hundreds of thousands of dollars. Some have raised new rounds of capital in 2020. Some are building warehouses, and some are purely digital. A few are spearheading new business models others will follow. Together, they employ over 10,000 people.

Seller acquirers, advertising companies, agencies, community groups, financial companies, fulfillment companies, legal companies, management tools, platforms, research tools, sellers, and tax companies are listed. These categories cover the most relevant areas of the market. Community groups are not companies, but they play an essential role and often influence thousands of businesses’ decisions.

Leading the list are Anker, Thrasio, Quartile, Teikametrics, Juvo+, Jungle Scout, Tinuiti, Sellics, CommerceHub, and Deliverr. Nonetheless, each company on the list is worth a follow on LinkedIn or Twitter. While some are more public than others, many are making decisions that spread through the broader ecosystem. Advertising, fulfillment, and acquisition companies are critical to watch.

6Jungle ScoutResearch Tools
8SellicsManagement Tools
9CommerceHubManagement Tools

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