7,500 European Sellers on Amazon Exceeded $1 Million in Sales

Over 7,500 European businesses surpassed $1 million in sales on Amazon in 2019, according to Amazon’s press release. Out of the total, 3,300 are based in Germany, 3,200 in the U.K., 600 in Italy, 300 in Spain, and 300 in France.

The released figures do not include other European countries and are - the norm for Amazon press releases - prefixed with “over,” “more than,” and “nearly.” Thus those are not exact numbers, and nor do the five countries add up to the total. Nonetheless, they are valuable to understand Amazon’s presence in Europe.

European Sellers on Amazon Exceeded $1 Million in Sales in 2019

There were 15,000 US-based sellers exceeding $1 million in sales in 2019. Roughly an additional 10,000 sellers were not from one of the five European countries or the U.S., for a total of over 30,000 worldwide sellers. That number likely grew significantly in 2020.

Amazon’s released figures - 85% of European sellers with $1 million in sales are based in the U.K. or Germany - confirm that the U.K. and Germany marketplaces have a strong domestic presence. At the same time Spain, Italy, and France rely considerably more on international sellers, many of which are from the U.K. and Germany.

However, because of the U.K. leaving the European Union, beginning December 21st, 2020, FBA offers using EFN will not be fulfilled across the UK-EU border, and Pan-European FBA inventory transfers will stop between the U.K. and E.U on December 18th. That change will impact Prime-enabled selection in the European marketplaces.

According to Marketplace Pulse research, there are 300,000 sellers on Amazon based in one of the five European countries. Roughly 35,000 joined so far in 2020, more than half of which are from the U.K. and Germany. Germany, which already has the most sellers with $1 million or more in sales in Europe and is not impacted by Brexit to sell into Spain, France, and Italy, will only grow its importance as Amazon sellers’ hub.

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