Amazon India Doubles Marketplace Sellers Base to 200,000 in Under a Year

In 11 months since July 2016 Amazon India marketplace has grown from 100,000 to 200,000 sellers, doubling in size.

Gopal Pillai, Director and GM, Seller Services, Amazon India said in a statement on Tuesday:

“We are very excited and humbled to reach the important milestone of 200,000 sellers on the Amazon India marketplace in just four years of our operations in India. We have been laser focused in evolving a conducive environment for anyone with an intent to sell to do so locally, nationally, and globally.”

We have previously reported that Amazon India marketplace is the fastest growing out of all the countries. The reported growth in the last 11 months matches our research findings.

Amazon has refrained from sharing number of sellers figures, and has only done so for India recently. But like the often quoted “millions of sellers” figure, the 200,000 sellers on Amazon India are all sellers to have joined the platform, including those who haven’t sold anything.

In July last year when Amazon India had 100,000 sellers, there were roughly 13,000 sellers with at least one feedback in a month. Today at 200,000 sellers, more than 18,000 sellers had feedback recently. Thus 100 percent growth in the number of sellers, while 40 percent growth in the number of active sellers. Though it is worth pointing out that this is still outpacing all other countries.

We think that India Is the Most Important E-Commerce Battleground to Watch, and part of that is Amazon trying to secure number one spot. Uniquely, Amazon only operates a marketplace in India, and technically does not sell any products directly. So the growth of the marketplace is a good indication of their overall growth.

According to internet research by SimmilarWeb, is the 5th most visited website in India, with at 11th, and at 46th. Making the most visited and fastest growing marketplace in India. It is hard to estimate sales of those three companies, but if Amazon is not leading in terms of sales too, then it is only a matter of time.

In the most recent earnings report Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, said “It’s still Day 1 for e-commerce in India”. The growth of the marketplace is proving to match Amazon’s multi-billion investment into the country. Positioning Amazon in a great position once the market matures.

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