500,000 New Sellers Joined Amazon Marketplace Already in 2017

Since the start of the year Amazon has already had half a million new sellers join its marketplaces.

For many months now we’ve been detecting 100,000 new sellers join Amazon marketplaces every 30 days. Roughly a half of that goes to Amazon USA, while others spread in the smaller marketplaces.

In Amazon.com 700,000 New Sellers in a Year, Less Than 10% Are Selling Today we wrote:

“There is a lot of new sellers joining, but only a small percentage of them stay for a longer period. This is very apparent when looking at how many sellers had a sale last month, compared to 12 months ago - for Amazon.com that number is growing, but at a relatively slow pace.”

By the end of the year we will have detected over a million new sellers, though few will be still actively selling.

Nonetheless it’s an interesting metric to look at as it shows where the interest is highest. Because from the thousands of new sellers, some do end up becoming active sellers. Here is a breakdown of new sellers since January 1st, 2017.

MarketplaceNew Sellers in 2017% Growth
Amazon India43,70033.0%
Amazon France37,60029.7%
Amazon Japan27,00025.8%
Amazon Italy33,40025.8%
Amazon Mexico7,10024.9%
Amazon Canada26,30023.7%
Amazon USA236,00021.1%
Amazon UK37,50015.8%
Amazon China90013.7%
Amazon Germany21,70011.4%
Amazon Spain12,70010.9%
Amazon Brazil2500%

In April a marketplace was launched in Brazil, and since then Amazon Brazil has already added 250 sellers. All of them are books sellers, since Amazon in Brazil has not launched any other categories.

The last time we looked at this was in July last year, and found that Amazon Mexico is the fastest growing marketplace. It is still growing fast, because of how relatively small it is.

India is the fastest growing market, both in terms of new sellers, and considering how many of them stay active selling for a longer period. Amazon has committed to investing billions of $ into their operations in India, and since in India they only operate a marketplace the growth will continue to be so.

In the US hundreds of thousands of sellers join every couple few months, but many of them are part of scam techniques to defraud Amazon. At the current rate new seller joins Amazon US marketplace every 30 seconds, no wonder Amazon has been getting more aggressive about auto-suspending just launched sellers.

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