Etsy Number of Active Buyers

Number of Etsy customers who have made at least one purchase in 12 months.

Growth in active buyers is a key indicator for growth in market reach and brand awarness, and gross merchandise volume and revenue.

Etsy defines this as:

An active buyer is an Etsy buyer who has made at least one purchase in the last 12 months. An Etsy buyer is identified by a unique e-mail address; a single person can have multiple Etsy buyer accounts. We generate revenue when Etsy buyers order items from Etsy sellers, so we view the number of active buyers as a key indicator of our potential for growth in GMS and revenue, the reach of our platform, awareness of our brand, the engagement and loyalty of Etsy buyers and the health of our ecosystem.

Last reported quarter 2021 Q1 it was 90.65 million, up by 92% year-over-year from 47.12 million.

Etsy Number of Active Buyers 2012-2021

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