Walmart Marketplace Doubles Active Sellers in Two Months, Now over 2,000

Since October when we last looked at the sellers count on the Walmart Marketplace it has continued to grow by at least 1,000 new sellers each month.

However while in October there were 1,000 active sellers (sellers who have received at least one feedback rating), this has been accelerating and just crossed 2,000 active sellers.

There are now over 14 million products offered by marketplace sellers.

2016 has been a breakout year for Walmart. After years of slow growth online business is back to growing. Helped by the growing marketplace without a doubt.

At the start of 2016 there were barely a few hundred sellers, with less than 100 actively selling on the platform. Fast forward to today there are thousands of sellers on the platform all offering a wide selection of products.

There hasn’t been any public success stories published by Walmart sellers, but the relatively small marketplace competition is allowing strong retailers to excel. Compared to Amazon for most brands there is no competition at all. For any Amazon or eBay marketplace seller this means that they should consider joining Walmart as soon as possible. is nowhere near as big as, but it’s still big enough.

Looking at the Walmart Marketplace sellers list it is obvious that most of them are established retailers using Walmart as an additional platform. So for smaller sellers Amazon still is a better platform to test products and understand market needs.

Walmart still requires pre-approval to join the marketplace, so while that adds an additional hurdle, once approved it prevents random sellers from jumping on the same listing. Many Amazon sellers are familiar with the issue, and are always worried about rogue sellers trying to profit from their products.

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