Introducing Marketplace Pulse Insights for Sellers

Insights for Sellers is the latest addition to Marketplace Pulse. We want to help you sell better.

You might have noticed when reading our articles that most of them are based on statistics and data. This is because we have been collecting billions of data points, allowing us to understand marketplaces at a much more granular level.

On the surface this is visible as the seller rank, which we calculate based on feedback ratings received (more information on how we rank amazon sellers). And while a feedback count is not the same as a sales number, we found it to be a great performance indicator. The key is to look at how it changes and how that compares to other sellers. Once that’s done it becomes much more useful than it appears initially.

Marketplace Pulse Insights for Sellers sample

We picked one of the top sellers to showcase this. You can clearly see all of the major holidays in the chart - big peaks for Christmas, smaller peaks for Halloween and Easter holidays. But what this picture also shows is how the performance during Christmas has changed - the seller struggled to reach the same growth in 2016. Which is confirmed when looking at the seller rank line - while previously the seller was able to keep their rank as holidays came and went, last year they started to fall back. This is a unique perspective only possible when considering not only seller’s own performance, but also how it relates to others.

GNC Amazon growth

To further highlight the possibilities, here is GNC‘s chart. GNC started selling on Amazon in January and have been growing steadily ever since. Again this even more apparent when the whole market is taken into account - notice how the seller rank has been improving. It’s almost the same information as in the trending sellers list, but in much greater detail. The improved detail allows to notice seasonality and benchmark against similar sellers.

Starting today, we made this information available for every seller. Register for Insights for Sellers and have access to this market insight at any time.

This is just the first step of the work we are doing to help sellers. The goal is to help sellers grow by providing insights on their strengths and weaknesses, and show opportunities to improve. This is possible because we have a bird’s-eye view of all marketplaces. Our articles have shown a glimpse of our capabilities, and now we are taking it a step further by focusing on each seller.

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Juozas Kaziuk─Śnas

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