How InstaNatural achieved $1 million monthly sales on Amazon

In an insightful interview on Freedom Fast Lane podcast, Dan Brenner and AJ Patel discuss their ecommerce business InstaNatural. Based in Orlando, Florida they have been selling across many platforms, but their strongest play so far has been Amazon - Instanatural LLC has been featured in both January and February fastest growing sellers reports this year.

Dan and AJ discuss how they got started on Amazon, what it took to achieve $1 million in monthly sales and their plans to go to $10 million, and reaching $1 billion in yearly sales.

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One of the strategic approaches used by InstaNatural is selling across many channels, not just Amazon. Not only that, but they also sell in multiple countries - InstaNatural EU on Amazon UK and other European countries has been doing just as well as their US presence. They mention that going beyond selling on and Amazon altogether is an important goal to be able to scale the business. For example their own website has been growing month-over-month so far this year.

Zapos is one of their role models, a company famous for their culture and hiring techniques. Just like them InstaNatural offers to pay $2,500 to anyone who would rather quit than continue working. Hiring and growing a strong team is one of the key areas they focus on.

InstaNatural focuses on products in Health & Beauty departments, furthermore a lot of the best sellers are their own brand as well. They have less than 100 products in stock on Amazon, but the top sellers are able to carry them. The reasons why they are selling in this category and plans to expand both vertically and horizontally are also discussed in the podcast.

Listen to the recording above or find it on the Freedom Fast Lane.

Mastermind partners Dan Brenner and AJ Patel who run InstaNatural join Ryan Daniel Moran on the podcast. The pair is enacting and omni-channel approach by building an e-commerce empire that will match the $1M a month revenue they do on Amazon as well as looking into expanding into other channels. Dan and AJ have been acquiring amazing talent in the past 18-months and during the show talk about going from $1M per month to $10M per month.

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