Fastest Growing eBay Sellers for All Countries

Yesterday we announced that Amazon fastest growing sellers report is now available for all marketplaces in real-time, today we are also releasing eBay trending reports for all countries. Of course the biggest one is Trending eBay USA Sellers, but there are also interesting markets like Bay Australia or eBay India.

Compared to Amazon, eBay Christmas buying was different. While on Amazon sellers selling toys and other gifts saw a massive spike in growth, on eBay it’s a mix of various different categories. We’ll have to wait for the Q4 2016 earnings report, but unfortunately judging by seller feedback growth alone it doesn’t appear that eBay was one of the major Christmas buying destinations.

One of the fastest growing sellers was dysonoutlet, the official Dyson Outlet, who joined eBay just in October 2016. Known brands can still easily be seen among other eBay sellers. Similar to the offical Google store or the Puma store, there appear to be many brands opening official eBay outlets. While this adds to the overall growth, growth of outlet-type sellers suggest that brands are treating eBay as a secondary marketplace.

We’ve been critical of eBay growth before and this Christmas didn’t change our opinion, but we’ll have to wait to see how eBay performs in 2017. It’s still the best place for niche products, selling post stamps would never work on Amazon or Walmart, but as customers learn to value shipping time and customer support more eBay will have to make some improvements and work on brand awareness.

thedeallinkUnited States6584.78%
perfuzoneUnited States1150.96%
dysonoutletUnited States1067.48%
most-extreme-dealsUnited States622.54%
worldsbestdealsUnited States613.58%
claimthisUnited States553.36%
shopsalesaveUnited States548.77%
shipppedUnited States498.41%
stanzinoincUnited States452.47%
googleUnited States367.39%
thegrandmarketUnited States306.12%
smmtradecoUnited States292.52%
tallbootsplanetUnited States288.12%
yapper_wirelessUnited States274.94%
funeedHong Kong259.04%
officialpumastoreUnited States257.36%
lind-puerUnited States229.74%
treetop5000United States214.58%
bestmovie4saleUnited States213.21%
yozosUnited States212.78%
more-choicesHong Kong210.51%
daisys-fine-things1United States192.00%
certified-watch-storeUnited States191.29%
campingsurvivalsHong Kong187.54%
ssgssg10United States182.86%
fragrancedealsUnited States175.36%
babbiie7United States172.96%
timeworldUnited States165.69%
photovideo4lessUnited States161.91%
katiesforgetmenotUnited States161.10%
beallsfloridaUnited States160.14%
filafactoryUnited States160.10%
visionmedia15United States160.02%
*jewelry*United States159.27%
silverspeckUnited States158.16%
dealtavernUnited States154.65%
aeropostaleUnited States153.79%
suprememoviesmusic1United States153.50%
khallil110United States151.39%
as_seen_on_tvUnited States146.54%
cardencyUnited States146.14%
hasbro-toy-shopUnited States144.71%
mfei5791United States141.11%
kersafeUnited States135.95%
artofdealsUnited States135.75%
nancwicke0United States130.28%
meidyUnited States128.57%
campus111United States127.14%
accessories112United States126.86%
buyspryUnited States126.63%
areatrendUnited States122.36%
netayajewelryUnited States119.60%
sandypointepremierpartsllcUnited States119.35%
irekforpresidentUnited States119.26%
asicsamericaUnited States118.88%
silversalesllc2013United States118.61%
redtagcameraUnited States117.51%
sunny-kartUnited States117.51%
digitalvillellcUnited States116.96%
ehsenceUnited States116.45%
vendorsquadUnited States116.18%
usa-world-salesUnited States115.50%
brain_sellerUnited States115.00%
dynastydvdnmediaUnited States114.37%
101fansUnited States114.16%
entertainmentfilms2016United States113.48%
elleandoliviaUnited States112.00%
ccs-craigwUnited States111.88%
ornaments4lessUnited States111.82%
jorda9249United States111.50%
victoriantradingUnited States110.40%
collectabeadUnited States109.49%
selectivesales123United States108.84%
greatkidtoysllcUnited States108.67%
etoysUnited States107.40%
coinsbybobbyUnited States107.00%
digitalusaUnited States105.82%

We used feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales. Feedback growth is calculated by comparing feedback ratings amount on December 1st and December 31st. The table above is top 100 sellers ranked by the growth rate.

Click here to read the previous November 2016 Report.

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