Avalanche Brands, empowering entrepreneurs in the marketplace

As previously reported in Amazon Marketplace News, Jeff Bezos recently revealed:

“There are over 70,000 entrepreneurs with sales of more than $100,000 a year selling on Amazon, and they’ve created over 600,000 new jobs.”

Who are these entrepreneurs, generating approximately 7 billion dollars in sales?

One example is Avalanche Brands, generating over an estimated $100 million in sales on the Amazon Marketplace. Previously known as Think Fast, Avalanche Brands is an ecommerce retailer powered by Avalanche Industries, a Delaware-based brand management company seeking to improve the ecommerce process by empowering online retailers through marketing services.

Currently, through the demonstrable success of Avalanche Brands within the Amazon Marketplace, Avalanche Industries offers online retailers “a comprehensive range of market-proven services to maximize your product’s potential and strengthen the integrity of your brand” with services that include marketing campaigns powered by their state of the art production studio and marketing team staff.

Avalanche Industries shows a strong commitment to the ecommerce community, whether it’s through local community outreach or traveling nationwide to the many conferences and tradeshows of their most successful products (Toys, Party Supplies, Music, etc.). Fun fact: their chief sales executive is former NFL player and defensive end Jeremy Navarre, (hear his story about entrepreneurship and building a future for his daughters in this interview from last year).

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