Amazon Marketplace Drove a Fifth of US E-Commerce

The Census Bureau of the Department of Commerce released the most recent estimates of the US online retail. Customers spent $453.46 billion online in 2017, a 16% increase from the previous year.

U.S. E-Commerce Sales

For the first time e-commerce sales represented more than 10% of total retail sales at 10.5%. E-commerce share has been increasing by 100 basis points (1%) for the past couple years. However the Census Bureau figure includes sales of items not normally bought online, thus e-commerce represents a higher percent.

The total value of transactions from U.S. consumers on reached $189.61 billion last year, as estimated by Internet Retailer. This includes Amazon’s own sales, and sales from marketplace sellers. They estimate that Amazon’s GMV grew 30.1% compared to $145.72 billion in 2016.

Amazon accounted for 41% of online retail sales last year, up from 37% in 2016. Amazon doesn’t disclose marketplace GMV, forcing analysts to rely on estimates based on third-party seller services revenue, percent of units by marketplace sellers, and others. By most estimates Amazon accounts 40-45% of US online retail.

Amazon marketplace thus is roughly 20% of the total US e-commerce.

While an invisible component of Amazon’s business except for those actively participating, the marketplace has grown to be a major economy. Combined with eBay, Etsy, Walmart, Jet, and Wish marketplaces they represent more than a third of the total.

This year Amazon marketplace will generate more than $100 billion in sales in the US alone. A figure which is larger than most countries’ total online retail sales. For example, German e-commerce association Bevh estimated Germany’s online retail at $72 billion last year.

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