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Journalists all over the globe rely on our insights and data for their stories. Here are some of the most recent articles Marketplace Pulse was featured in.

Amazon Wins Loyal Walmart Shoppers as Americans Stampede Online

“Rather than price-compare or look for alternatives, a large portion of the U.S. population—as well as in other core Amazon markets—defaulted to Amazon,” says Juozas Kaziukenas, founder of Marketplace Pulse, a New York research firm that monitors the site. “They were able to default to Amazon because of its vast selection, so even as people went from shopping for masks to toilet paper to webcams to dumbbells to inflatable pools and back, Amazon had it. It’s not that other retailers didn’t have the same products at similar prices. The key was that customers didn’t look elsewhere.”

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Walmart's marketplace doubles in a year: report

The number of sellers on Walmart's marketplace has doubled to more than 50,000 since July 2019, according to a report from Marketplace Pulse. More than 5,000 new sellers have joined the platform since the retail giant announced its partnership with Shopify last month.

Retail Dive
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Jeff Bezos plays it safe during first Congressional hearing

Because each speaker was given a five minute limit to ask questions, some of the conversations seemed rushed and disorganized, according to Juozas Kaziukenas, CEO of Marketplace Pulse. He said it would have been more effective if the committee had questioned each CEO on separate days, as the questioning seemed to lack depth.

"It didn't seem to present any new angles or uncovered evidence," he said.

Business Insider
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eBay pins hopes on back-to-roots strategy

Shopify recently reached a deal with Walmart to allow small businesses to list on the US retailer’s platform, a move that according to Marketplace Pulse led to a surge in new retailers on the site.

Financial Times
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Can Google Win Back the Market Share It Lost to Amazon?

Now, has a formidable lead in U.S. ecommerce with 461,000 active third-party sellers and more than 10 million orders per day, per analytics firm Marketplace Pulse. Google did not disclose the number of merchants on its platform, but Marketplace Pulse CEO Joe Kaziukenas said his data shows Buy on Google has 5,600 sellers as of this month.

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