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Journalists all over the globe rely on our insights and data for their stories. Here are some of the most recent articles Marketplace Pulse was featured in.

How the State of the Amazon Marketplace Represents China’s Unfair Practices

The dominance of Chinese merchants on the platform is another issue that shouldn’t be overlooked. Over a third of Amazon’s top sellers come from China and many of them take advantage of being based close to the factories. Developments in cross-border payments technology and fulfillment services allow these sellers to offer goods directly to global customers at low prices. By sourcing their inventories directly from manufacturers, they also get to enjoy larger margins and minimal overhead.

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Is It Really Five Stars? How to Spot Fake Amazon Reviews

“In early 2012, the Amazon catalog grew too big, and the only way to get to the top of search results was to prove to the algorithm that your product was the best,” said Juozas Kaziukėnas, chief executive of Marketplace Pulse, a business-intelligence firm focused on e-commerce. “Most sellers realized acquiring reviews was a golden ticket.”

The Wall Street Journal
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Dirty dealing in the $175 billion Amazon Marketplace

This year, Marketplace sales were almost double those of Amazon retail itself, according to Marketplace Pulse, making the seller platform alone the largest e-commerce business in the world.

Amazon’s ability to hide the chaos of its Marketplace from consumers is part of what made the company successful early on, says Marketplace Pulse’s Juozas Kaziukėnas. While eBay is obviously a bazaar, Amazon looks like a traditional retailer.

Last year only about 20,000 sellers — 0.3 percent — had more than a million dollars in sales a year, which is the point at which Kaziukenas says it becomes a viable full-time business.

The Verge
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Legacy retailers turn to subscription programs to hook loyal customers

“Subscriptions change the conversation from customer acquisition cost to the long-term value of the customer which signals retention,” said Juozas Kaziukėnas, the founder and CEO of e-commerce research firm Marketplace Pulse. “Customer-acquisition costs keep rising because Facebook, Instagram and Google ads are more expensive.”

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Almost 10,000 Australian Sellers Joined Amazon’s Marketplace This Year

The marketplace is much larger than those Aussie businesses. According to Marketplace Pulse, which has been keeping track on the local site since launch, Amazon is just about surpass 25,000 sellers in Australia, more than half of which are international.

Juozas Kaziukėnas, founder of Marketplace Pulse says Amazon is doing all the groundwork required to establish itself in a new market. “Its Prime Day event, like other markets, was at the time the highest grossing day for the marketplace, and yet one of the days leading up to this Christmas is going to surpass it.”

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