We are now tracking Amazon and eBay Germany

This week we’re happy to announce that our dataset now includes research from Amazon.de, as well as Ebay Germany. This is of particular interest because Amazon.de is the largest Amazon marketplace after Amazon.com and also accounts for the largest ecommerce site in Germany.

Recently marketplace analyst Wortfilter released information showing that slightly more than half of Amazon Germany’s (amazon.de) retailers are based in Germany. The German sellers account for 53.17 percent of Amazon Germany’s marketplace sellers. Sellers from the United Kingdom make up 20.61 percent, with China-based sellers (4.95 percent) coming in third.

In the EU Amazon allows buyers to purchase directly from other sellers in the European Amazon marketplace; these numbers demonstrate the strength of the European Amazon marketplaces to be able to fulfill each others orders, and in the end provide a better selection of products. One top seller based out of Berlin (and the second largest seller on Amazon.com) who demonstrates this well is Medimops, generating 100 million euros in revenue in 2015.

We’ll continue to expand our research set on other Amazon and Ebay marketplaces and have plans to cover more of them in the future.

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Juozas Kaziukėnas

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