Russia E-Commerce Cross Border Sales Share

More than a half of these sales are coming from China.

The growth of cross-border trade in Russia’s e-commerce market is mostly due to the lower prices owing to the fact that foreign companies don’t have to pay taxes or fees," said AKIT’s president, Alexey Fedorov. At the moment, all small parcels coming into Russia are exempt from customs duties, whereas Russian retailers that import their goods must pay various tariffs, he added.
If this continues, there’ll be nothing left of Russian e-commerce in a few years, and we’ll sell nothing but Chinese goods. Russia will become a tax-free market for China," said Fyodorov, adding that Russia should introduce fees and taxes for the cross-border online retail market.

From 29.0% in 2015 it increased by 14% to 33.0% in 2016.

Russia E-Commerce Cross Border Sales Share 2010-2016

Source: The Association of Internet Trade Companies (AITC or AKIT).

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