Amazon Net Shipping Costs

Amazon offers free shipping for Prime customers, and for any purchases over the current minimum of $25. As Amazon Prime membership grows the number of customers paying for shipping is decreasing.

This cost can be either be viewed as a cost of doing business, or as a number Amazon needs to get under control to have any chance of sustainability.

Calculated by comparing Shipping revenue and Shipping costs.

Shipping revenue excludes amounts charged on shipping activities by third-party sellers where Amazon does not provide the fulfillment service, includes a portion of amounts earned from Amazon Prime memberships, includes amounts earned from Fulfillment by Amazon programs related to shipping services.
Shipping costs includes sortation and delivery centers and transportation costs.

Last reported quarter 2017 Q1 it was $1,886.00 million, up by 30% year-over-year from $1,455.00 million. From $5,019.00 million in 2015 it increased by 43% to $7,191.00 million in 2016.

Amazon Net Shipping Costs 2002-2017

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