Walmart Research


In 2009, Walmart launched Walmart Marketplace. Products from retailers are displayed alongside Walmart’s own inventory and are called out as Walmart Marketplace items, with the seller’s name displayed on the items. While initially requiring an invite, in 2016 they made it easier to join the marketplace in hopes to accelerate its growth.


Number of products assortment has 51,676,952 products for sale by Walmart itself and by the marketplace. Learn more


Biggest department

Most products are sold in Books department. Other popular departments are Home, Auto & Tires, and Clothing, Shoes & Accessories. Learn more


Two-Day Shipping products

Products with free two-day shipping option available. Learn more


Number of sellers

Walmart marketplace has 35,686 sellers. Learn more


New sellers this year

So far this year 1,058 new sellers have joined the marketplace, of which 1,205 joined during the last month. Learn more


Products listed by a seller

On average a seller has 2,695 products listed for sale.

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