Insights for SellersInsights for Sellers

Insights for Sellers

Join Marketplace Pulse Insights to grow your sales. Read the announcement for the back story.

We want to help you understand your own performance and competition better. For example, we will show you how your Marketplace Pulse seller rank improves over time and how does your selling performance benchmark relative to industry peers and other competitors.

We have been collecting billions of data points since our inception, and this is our way to share it with you. But instead of showing thousands of meaningless numbers we will identify your strengths and weaknesses, and show opportunities to improve.

Oh, and we have many great things in the works. Through Marketplace Pulse Insights we want to help you understand the market you are selling in. What the competition is doing differently, what other brands are performing well in your category, etc.

We are rolling this out slowly, so fill out the form below and we will let you know once you have been granted access as soon as possible.

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