62% of Etsy Sellers Are Based in United States

Most sellers are based in United States, representing 62% of all sellers. Other common locations include United Kingdom at 10%, Canada at 4%, and Australia at 3%.

Etsy has sellers from 244 countries.

Unsurprisingly United States is the leading location most sellers are located in, as Etsy has the strongest presence there. US sellers are mostly located in California, Texas, and Florida.

Nonetheless 38% of sellers are international, often selling to the US customers from abroad. The table below looks at where most of international sellers are located.

Country Percent of International Sellers
United Kingdom 14%
Canada 6%
Australia 4%
France 3%
Germany 3%
Russia 2%
Ukraine 2%
Italy 2%
Spain 1%
India 1%
The Netherlands 1%
Poland 1%
Israel 1%
Turkey 1%
Greece 1%
Latvia 0%
Bulgaria 0%
Thailand 0%
China 0%
Ireland 0%

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