SVGmonster is one of the Etsy TOP 5000 shops. Opened in 2016 this shop is run by Bruno from United States. They have hundreds of products in stock priced less than $5.00 in Craft Supplies & Tools, Weddings and Clothing categories.

They sold 350 products in the last month. They are 3,169th top shop on Since joining Etsy in 2016 they sold 598 products in total.

They received 21 reviews in the last month. Based on reviews they rank 23,310th on In total they received 27 reviews.

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Recent reviews

I had a problem downloading. Bruno worked with me till I got it right. excellent customer service! thank you!!!!!!


Exactly what I needed. Worked perfect!


I love the attention that they have with their customers, they help you right away in any problem that you might have, thank you so much for a very awesome customer service!!!