Lily Pumkin is no longer open, the shop was opened in 2016. Teauna cowans was the owner based in Washington, D.C..

They sold 206 products in the last month. They are 6,749th top shop on Since joining Etsy in 2016 they sold 624 products in total.

They received 55 reviews in the last month. Based on reviews they rank 6,120th on In total they received 66 reviews.

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Recent reviews

I've sent three messages to seller as I have not revived the order I have gotten zero response , payment has been taken from my credit card .


This seller has issues with responding to customers as well as apparently shipping items on time. I had to message this seller for her to even send my scarves after a week and a half passed and my package still hadn't shipped. I messaged her and miraculously the next day my package shipped. Then when I recieved my package one of the scarves wasn't even sent, I bought 2 but only recieved 1. I reached out to this seller multiple times on multiple days and she never responded. Don't waste your time with this seller because it's more of a hassle than worth the product, especially when there are various other sellers who sell similar, if not exactly the same products.


Very soft scarf, true to picture.