FULLMOONJEWELLERY is one of the Etsy TOP 5000 shops. Opened in 2012 this shop is run by Melonie Moon from Mills, Pennsylvania. They have hundreds of products in stock priced $20.00 - $30.00 in Jewelry and Accessories categories.

They sold 660 products in the last month. They are 1,083rd top shop on etsy.com. Since joining Etsy in 2012 they sold 17,304 products in total. This ranks them 2,587th based on lifetime items sold.

They received 199 reviews in the last month. Based on reviews they rank 698th on etsy.com. In total they received 4,235 reviews. Based on lifetime reviews they rank 2,841st among all etsy.com shops.

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In some cases we can find FULLMOONJEWELLERY business name, phone number, address, email. Please contact us. For customer service, returns, refunds and other issues contact etsy.com.

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Recent reviews

Like these stackable rings! They are a great fit.


It's simple, but pretty and I stacked them with 4 other silver rings and it looks great!


These earrings arrived as promised. They were packaged well - protective, cute, professional packaging - and are so shiny and dainty. I'm still waiting for my piercing to heal up so I can switch earrings, so I will update on the fit, comfort, etc. at a later date. Thanks so much!