AdelineQuinnCo is one of the Etsy TOP 10000 shops. Opened in 2016 this shop is run by Heather Nichols from Braselton, Georgia. They have several dozen products in stock priced $10.00 - $20.00 in Jewelry category.

They sold 251 products in the last month. They are 5,109th top shop on Since joining Etsy in 2016 they sold 1,049 products in total. This ranks them 68,416th based on lifetime items sold.

They received 72 reviews in the last month. Based on reviews they rank 3,981st on In total they received 137 reviews.

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Recent reviews

Perfect for the "air quoter" in your life. Cute packaging, too!


Such a cute angle. I can't wait to give it to my friend for her birthday!


So in love with my necklace! This shop is so sweet


Well made, great buy for the girls!


Great for all your dancers!