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Etsy is a marketplace launched in 2005 focused on handmade and vintage items and supplies, as well as unique factory-manufactured items. Etsy went public on April 16, 2015.

Uniquely Etsy has sellers and buyers from most countries in the world. Key markets is the US and UK, Canada, Australia, France, and Germany. In the US their main competition is eBay and Amazon with Amazon Handmade, as well as boutique websites. Despite this Etsy has been able to grow by focusing on handmade sellers community.

12,464,281 items sold in a month

During the last 30 days Etsy sellers sold 12,464,281 items. Customers then left a grand total of 1,939,277 feedback reviews for sellers. Both of these metrics are good indicators of the activity on the marketplace.

50,214,384 products

There are 50,214,384 products are listed by all marketplace sellers. On average a seller has 46 products listed for sale.

89% is Handmade, 0% is Vintage, and 11% is Supplies

Etsy has three main sections in the marketplace: Handmade, Vintage, and Supplies. Handmade represents 89%, Vintage represents 0%, and Supplies represents 11% of sellers. Home & Living is the top category. Other popular categories are Art & Collectibles, Jewelry, and Clothing. Top Etsy Categories has the full list of top categories.

633,125 new sellers this year

So far this year 633,125 sellers joined the Etsy marketplace. This equals to 2,389 new sellers every day. During all of last year 863,069 new sellers joined. So far this year looks to outpace last year in terms of new sellers growth.

1,080,905 sellers have products for sale

1,080,905 sellers have products listed for sale.

63% of sellers based in United States

Most sellers are based in United States, representing 63% of all sellers. Other common locations include United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia. United States is the leading location because Etsy has the strongest presence there. Nonetheless 37% of sellers are international. Top Etsy Countries has the full list of countries.

US sellers are based in California, Texas, and Florida

US sellers are mostly located in California, Texas, and Florida. These three biggest states make up 28% of US sellers. Top Etsy States has the full list of states.

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