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By comparing feedback received on September 20th to October 20th we calculated feedback growth rate. We used third-party seller feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but for any given seller it is usually consistent with their sales volume - if sales increase feedback reviews increase too. Thus trending sellers are typically seeing an increase in sales, even if not by the shown growth rate. This feedback reviews property is also utilized for ranking eBay sellers.

During the last month grandmagrabe increased their feedback received by 9,268% from the month before. They are at the top of the trending sellers list. They are currenly ranked 901st overall. Other trending sellers have also increased their feedback reviews: 2013cardsforcheap by 3,677%, wholesale* by 3,475%, original_games by 3,245%, surplussalvageindiana by 2,562%, and straitnnarrow by 2,035%.

However some sellers saw their feedback received decrease, often as a result of seasonal shifts in sales volume. Most notable were gogocomeon by -79%, kannkann20 by -75%, chinamarket12 by -74%, lmworld1-5 by -73%, and altnux by -73%.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Seller Location Growth
grandmagrabe United States 9,268%
2013cardsforcheap United States 3,677%
forget all China 3,475%
original_games United States 3,245%
Electrical Surplus Salvage United States 2,562%
straitnnarrow United States 2,035%
cosme-de-global Hong Kong 1,915%
B-Line-Life United States 1,727%
babycare_usa United States 1,605%
Venus Israel 1,190%
New & Used,Mostly Estate Sale Items United States 1,124%
ZorDa Store United States 1,046%
buybuymall China 1,016%
Gizmo Locker Hong Kong 944%
GorgeousLand Hong Kong 938%
Aydin Coins & Jewelry United States 933%
software9985 Venezuela 837%
organic_matters2 United States 773%
clother_trade China 758%
easybuyou China 705%
254904240 China 621%
Proletis Carbon Store China 621%
Tizzy-l China 587%
ZBest Auto Parts United States 560%
Halloween Express United States 556%
Central Coin United States 556%
baseballcards_2017 Canada 548%
cheapdates United States 542%
dttzy-lover China 540%
liaojxin23-8 Hong Kong 535%
wybeads-fine-jewelry China 526%
The Nostalgia Goddess United States 525%
Hanes159 banknotes United States 522%
zhaoyingxiu-2 China 508%
gimpchicago United States 507%
fragranceforless United States 490%
buleby China 487%
Philitaly Stamps United States 480%
eneasly Hong Kong 465%
clovego Hong Kong 461%
1sts&Proofs&Movies United States 460%
see-these United States 459%
4ushop888 China 454%
thecolonel-paintingstudio United States 451%
greatforevery China 447%
starlitevintagepostcards13 United States 435%
MonsterProducts United States 431%
thescene2014 Israel 423%
Boot Barn, Inc - Cowboy Boots, West United States 420%
greener_books_london United Kingdom 420%
ron051724 Philippines 402%
iHomeGoodies United States 402%
diamondforest011 United States 400%
Buy Costumes United States 396%
happy-grid China 384%
fresh-feeling China 365%
amys_jewelry_house China 350%
outsportexpert China 347%
mixstore13 China 345%
littlexcollectibles United States 340%
missinguu China 339%
USA_Monster_Deals Israel 332%
aokmarket United States 324%
vinylty33.3 United States 318%
Jupiter25 Israel 317%
vanityfairUS China 316%
onlyou666 China 316%
atop5eller United Kingdom 311%
rajannyana Singapore 309%
booked00 United States 308%
Britannia Numismatics Canada 306%
9tronix United States 300%
eazyget Hong Kong 300%
codo99 China 299%
Vintage-Dan United States 289%
vera-60 Stamps Store Serbia 287%
A Better Deal Store China 280%
prairielandmusic United States 275%
Finest-Selection United Kingdom 271%
Rosy's Store China 269%
Rahul & I - Indian Music House United States 268%
Homeshop Singapore 264%
damascus007 Canada 255%
debsu2012 China 255%
Coinage from coldbeer72 Canada 252%
smarttradingllc United States 252%
onlysotistore China 252%
winteck666uk China 248%
hellosara282 China 245%
burnoutgames United States 243%
aonedesigns India 243%
MILANO USA United States 243%
homecreation520 China 241%
Birthday In A Box United States 240%
Mike's Currency and Collectibles United States 238%
chips_n_cats United States 237%
mannnnk China 234%
casebuytop China 234%
Ancer-Us United States 231%
0528323 China 230%

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