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By comparing feedback received on December 19th to January 18th we calculated feedback growth rate. We used third-party seller feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but for any given seller it is usually consistent with their sales volume - if sales increase feedback reviews increase too. Thus trending sellers are typically seeing an increase in sales, even if not by the shown growth rate. This feedback reviews property is also utilized for ranking eBay sellers.

During the last month yongpinli0 increased their feedback received by 2,655% from the month before. They are at the top of the trending sellers list. They are currenly ranked 15,712th overall. Other trending sellers have also increased their feedback reviews: baifielddirect by 2,600%, monsters-station-gadget by 2,200%, kanjas68 by 2,144%, cheapkeysnow by 1,850%, and seniorsoftware by 1,781%.

However some sellers saw their feedback received decrease, often as a result of seasonal shifts in sales volume. Most notable were bazza1959-58 by -84%, dave-pc-service by -74%, dttzy-lover by -71%, holistichealthandbeauty by -71%, and 7tech_store by -70%.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Seller Location Growth
yongpinli0 China 2,655%
baifielddirect United Kingdom 2,600%
monsters-station-gadget China 2,200%
kanjas68 United Kingdom 2,144%
cheapkeysnow Venezuela 1,850%
seniorsoftware Venezuela 1,781%
chocolatelalaine United Kingdom 1,667%
br0154poppy United Kingdom 1,488%
mcnei2017_9 China 1,403%
steven_berg United Kingdom 1,380%
beuniqueltd United Kingdom 1,350%
kshas20178 China 1,335% United Kingdom 1,320%
hotsaler66 China 1,309%
t80edd United Kingdom 1,263%
arif1221 United Kingdom 1,263%
armanenshaft United Kingdom 1,228%
healthystyles United States 1,093%
poldek1976 United Kingdom 1,088%
britishpaper United Kingdom 1,053%
key_kong United Kingdom 1,038%
caseshop_uk China 1,005%
www_gokey_de Germany 973%
gogogo741-1 China 954%
moralgems India 931%
neft1978 United Kingdom 891%
perfect-tradeonline-uk China 887%
eyenlip Korea, South 874%
liberty_apparel United Kingdom 850%
darkdancer2020 Hong Kong 847%
thegoodlife6 China 829%
softkey_store United Kingdom 813%
goodshopping2015 China 808%
pennysave4u United Kingdom 726%
ukbargain-station-gadget China 721%
clearanceclothinguk United Kingdom 709%
dvd.bargain United Kingdom 703%
billythedog77 United Kingdom 698%
sqcase United Kingdom 653%
gadget*store*uk Israel 641%
streekersuk United Kingdom 639%
ljshop7777 United Kingdom 639%
sparkly-jewells United Kingdom 628%
allphones_online Australia 595%
masonartstore-com United Kingdom 593%
jack8219 China 586%
denveshelto_0 United States 573%
beechwoodtrees United Kingdom 572%
boltonworlduk United Kingdom 554%
brs-pins United Kingdom 538%
led-factory-outlet-uk China 531%
tianfanya-0 China 522%
sunshine_grocery China 519%
anthonyzhang China 508%
primark_heaven United Kingdom 505%
rkc-jewelz United Kingdom 489%
wide5awake China 482%
jens29_123 United Kingdom 473%
whitelight2016 China 471%
bestdeals_123 United Kingdom 470%
bright2017 China 467%
eegooblago_meteorites United States 460%
topsky12 China 459%
hkreet1108 United Kingdom 458%
wayhome-688 China 452%
kingeu China 448%
liveseeds2015 United Kingdom 437%
easycase4u China 437%
solid_deal United States 431%
bestbuy01 Israel 430%
plamenpetrov0 United Kingdom 428%
yuchun_1990 China 424%
pma-global United Kingdom 420%
happygirl_de2017 China 413%
daryllowe United Kingdom 410%
technese_camera Hong Kong 409%
jez19712009 United Kingdom 407%
youngsamuels United Kingdom 406%
fourseasons-s China 403%
sharonp5869 United Kingdom 402%
th-traders United Kingdom 396%
battery_warehouse United Kingdom 388%
the_sixth2014 China 385%
hurst2011 United Kingdom 382%
everything_for_you_uk United Kingdom 380%
taoxi-ya China 379%
hardie931 United Kingdom 376% United Kingdom 375%
drpdistribution99 United Kingdom 371%
glasshalffull_123 United Kingdom 368%
barucmose0 Israel 367%
theroyalbritishlegion United Kingdom 365%
topquality365 United States 362%
sd_electronics_uk United Kingdom 361%
2429barry0 United Kingdom 359%
dcgoodies1988 United Kingdom 359%
addictiveboutique United Kingdom 349%
digitaltoy China 349%
autoebuy China 345%
oxijan2015 United Kingdom 343%

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