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By comparing feedback received on November 13th to December 13th we calculated feedback growth rate. We used third-party seller feedback growth as a method to estimate how much a seller has been able to grow their sales.

Feedback reviews isn't a direct representation of sales volume, but for any given seller it is usually consistent with their sales volume - if sales increase feedback reviews increase too. Thus trending sellers are typically seeing an increase in sales, even if not by the shown growth rate. This feedback reviews property is also utilized for ranking eBay sellers.

During the last month klaudresne0 increased their feedback received by 6,470% from the month before. They are at the top of the trending sellers list. They are currenly ranked 1,327th overall. Other trending sellers have also increased their feedback reviews: baifielddirect by 3,538%, steven_berg by 1,380%, armanenshaft by 1,228%, arif1221 by 1,058%, and superbuyz-uk by 923%.

However some sellers saw their feedback received decrease, often as a result of seasonal shifts in sales volume. Most notable were dave-pc-service by -74%, marcburge_5 by -72%, 7tech_store by -69%, ytokyol by -66%, and glitz-beauty by -66%.

This report was last updated on . All metrics mentioned are calculated by our proprietary technology allowing us to collect data and analyze e-commerce marketplaces.

Seller Location Growth
klaudresne0 Germania 6,470%
baifielddirect Regno Unito 3,538%
steven_berg Regno Unito 1,380%
armanenshaft Regno Unito 1,228%
arif1221 Regno Unito 1,058%
superbuyz-uk Regno Unito 923%
oxijan2015 Regno Unito 845%
softkey_store Regno Unito 813%
mfaust2002 Germania 747%
glamore-asia Regno Unito 746%
sirod-27 Germania 665%
junior-mattresses Regno Unito 665%
streekersuk Regno Unito 662%
manager369 Germania 597%
felix542013 Italia 585%
goodshopping2015 Cina 571%
gileroz09 Regno Unito 521%
itstime_4_shopping Regno Unito 486%
mb-eckmarken Germania 478%
kingeu Cina 443%
frler_fly Cina 430%
masonartstore-com Regno Unito 421%
gabicard15 Germania 417%
addictiveboutique Regno Unito 414%
plamenpetrov0 Regno Unito 411%
hurst2011 Regno Unito 397%
secoundstoreuk1 Regno Unito 381%
muchral Germania 377%
nschotschi Germania 340%
goldpawncitydavie Stati Uniti 340%
sticker-worldwide Germania 337%
xbox-discounts Regno Unito 322%
topshoppp Regno Unito 321%
optima-online Germania 315%
sharonp5869 Regno Unito 308%
www-kostaseurowelt-de Germania 306%
paulh8618 Regno Unito 295%
abbas_fakhar Regno Unito 274%
br_dealsonline Regno Unito 270%
hobby-treasures Stati Uniti 265%
misscutefashionltd Regno Unito 264%
rudersigns Regno Unito 262%
printingmad Regno Unito 262%
fleggymeggy Germania 262%
letzlondon Regno Unito 259%
iunlocker24 Regno Unito 257%
smartove Cina 248%
laylawson Regno Unito 246%
th-traders Regno Unito 245%
huiwes-0 Cina 242%
think-digital Regno Unito 242%
emjakeltdjuicyts Regno Unito 238%
lieblingsmensch24 Germania 234%
thefootballgiftstore Regno Unito 232%
coversandcollectables2 Regno Unito 232%
d-channel Regno Unito 231%
daj317 Regno Unito 229%
jptradingserviceslimited2000 Regno Unito 224%
primark_heaven Regno Unito 224%
crownmobilesuk Regno Unito 221%
justjewels10 Regno Unito 219%
value-vixens Regno Unito 219%
toy8886 Cina 219%
sss-fashion Regno Unito 216%
081shopstore Italia 213%
printing-corner Regno Unito 212%
topsalefly Cina 210%
fahiefashion Regno Unito 209%
jaybeep123 Regno Unito 209%
mojawo_de Germania 209%
roby_masse Regno Unito 208%
sammlerberater Germania 207%
mumfymorris Regno Unito 205%
zovonic Germania 205%
wombat-uk Regno Unito 204%
925furniture Regno Unito 203%
premiercomicbooks Stati Uniti 202%
onlineselling2018 Regno Unito 201%
firststoreuk Regno Unito 201%
ukshar.ggy3vvae Regno Unito 201%
almosteverything2013 Regno Unito 200%
hw-gadgets Regno Unito 199%
eva_elektronik_gmbh Germania 199%
tab-store Regno Unito 198%
liquidopi Germania 196%
designermenshoes Regno Unito 195%
gm24-specials Germania 195%
4444seymour Regno Unito 188%
lightsandcases Germania 187%
juicybaba Regno Unito 187%
cheaper-than-chips-87 Regno Unito 187%
papillongift Regno Unito 185%
memory_more Stati Uniti 184%
nazzzzz Regno Unito 183%
the_gift_and_gadget_lounge Regno Unito 182%
muenzenkontor-kornblum Germania 182% Regno Unito 181%
fossiletonic Francia 181%
christy48988 Regno Unito 179%
debsu2012 Cina 178%

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