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In March 2005 eBay launched in India as eBay.in. After acquiring Baazee.com months earlier eBay integrated Baazee.com's technology platform with eBay marketplace.
However, recently Amazon India has been growing to become the most important destination for ecommerce in India.

eBay India

6,846,850 products

6,846,850 products are listed for sale by eBay.in marketplace sellers. On average a seller has 1,694 products listed for sale.

Mobile Accessories is the top category

24% of top sellers have their main category as Mobile Accessories. Other popular categories are Beauty, Health & Grocery at 12%, Laptops & Computer Peripherals at 9%, and Clothing & Accessories at 9%.

58,686 feedback reviews in a month

All sellers on the eBay.in marketplace received a total of 58,686 feedback reviews in a month. During the last 12 months on average 63,644 feedback reviews were received monthly, thus the current number is below the average, indicating that this is the slower period of the year. We use this change in feedback reviews number to determine trending eBay.in sellers.

34% run an eBay store

Most top sellers, 34% to be exact, run an eBay store. Sellers have an option to run a Basic, Premium, or Anchor store which each bring increasing benefits, but all in a way allow a seller to have a website inside of eBay to act as a landing page. Which means sellers can customize the design of it, create internal pages, and have a name for it.

10% have the Top Rated Seller status

Top Rated Seller status is awarded to sellers who meet certain sales and tracking requirements, as well as specific performance standards. 10% of the top sellers have the Top Rated Seller status. Of those with the Top Rated Seller status 100% are local sellers, meaning based in India. Top Rated eBay.in sellers.

100% sellers based in India, 0% are international

Among top sellers most are based in India, representing 100% of all sellers. Other common locations include United States at 0%, United Kingdom at 0%, and China at 0%. Many sellers on eBay.in marketplace are not based in India, instead they participate in cross-border trade. Even though local sellers are the largest group, 0% of top sellers are not based in India. Thus local eBay.in sellers are filtered to only include India based sellers.

0% of sellers based in China

0% of top sellers are based in China and Hong Kong. 27% of international sellers on eBay.in are based in China and Hong Kong, showing that international selling on eBay is dominated by Chinese sellers, and that customers are happy to buy from them. There is no concept of Prime to offer free two-day shipping on eBay, so many buyers are used to waiting a bit longer for their products to arrive.

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